Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reinventing with vintage elements = Reinvintage Jewelry!!

2010 was the year it finally happened.  I have collected items of 'junque' jewelry for several years with an eye towards putting them together to make fun, funky and sometimes chunky necklaces and bracelets.  Then last year I decided it was really THE time to do it.

It seems  things had gotten to the point that when I bought more jewelry lots, whether at second hand store, estate sales or even at the antique store where I work, my friends and work associates were beginning to roll their eyes.  You see, I had talked about making these one of a kind, uniquely designed pieces from all my gathered finding for as many years as I had been collecting the elements. I loved the idea and could see the completed items so clearly in my minds eye, but I just kept collecting.

Sadly it took the near contempt of people, whom I love and respect, to get me going.   That, along with knowing that I could use the upcoming Walter Larsen Antique Show in Salt Lake City as an alternate venue, actually made it happen.

Surprisingly, after several days spent organizing my work room, I actually jumped in and found that putting together new creations from bits and pieces of charming old jewelry was every bit as satisfying as I had known it would be.  Here are some of the pieces that I made.

 This one was made in Halloween colors and I actually kept it for myself !
 This one became a gift for an elegant dancer, who is a friend in my church group. She is a beautiful blue eyed blond who dresses in her own unique and charming style, I thought it would be perfect for her.
 The top bracelet sold at Treasures Antiques where I work to a woman who way buying all manner of 'bling', as she phrased it.   The one on the bottom became a Christmas gift for a dear friend who had admired it and who loves all things pink!! I fortunately drew her name in gift exchange in which we participate.
 This necklace was a Christmas gift for another dear friend who had admired it.
 This necklace sold at a Christmas boutique, along with four others!
Because I sold all of the chunky charm bracelets that I had taken to the Walter Larsen show I decided to try another, and have placed this Hawaiian Theme bracelet for sale at Treasures Antiques in Springville.


  1. Paula ~ you have a blog! Yeah! Now I know that and I will make a point to check it out on a regular basis! Your necklaces and bracelets are absolutely divine! Such a talent and I am happy that I am the recipient of the lovely PINK bracelet! I love it! (*_*)

  2. This week Stacy came by the antique store where I work, and took custody of several of my 'reinvented' necklaces and bracelets to sell on her site; stacysshabbyshoppe, go and take a peek!!