Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Putting Christmas Decor Away for Another Year... and "Reinvinted" Wreath

So, last weekend would have been our normal 'put Christmas stuff away' weekend, except that my husband Scott (the official tote and fetch person) was busy doing a '2 day kitchen and bath' remodel on our daughter's bathroom.  So this weekend has been officially appointed for the 'Christmas Clean-up' slot.  I did, however want to post some pictures of my decor this year, as it is becoming closer and closer to being everlastingly too late .... I know, sane people would point out that it IS already too late .... but what do we care for what sane people do and say?  What has it to do with us?
So this is some of the pink decor in my dining room. I made the pink wreath after collecting antique pink ornaments for about five years.  It is a year old this Christmas .... and is obviously a bit of Reinvintage!!

This is my 'fourth of July' tree as my son-in-law Sam termed it.  I have had some incarnation of this tree for almost ten years, and its still makes the cut.  The Uncle Sam on the base is a celluloid guy, rather rare and lots of fun!!

More pics to come in my next post!!

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