Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Primary Children's - KSL Radiothon Time!!

It's hard to believe, but that time came around again.  Primary Children's is our family's favorite charity.  All of the money donated to this great charity through the Primary Children's - KSL Radiothon actually goes to charity care at the hospital.  Scott and I figure that this was our18th year answering phones at the Radiothon.
This is Scott and me with our favorite KSL Radio Personality, Doug Wright.  We also enjoy Amanda Dixon who is on the morning show, and we have had a chance to work that shift a few times as well, but this time our friends the Heuers, who went with us, opted to do Doug's shift.

Next we see a picture of Scott with the man who got us started with the Radiothon,  Ken Macey, who at the time was Scott employer and who is a huge supporter of the KSL - Primary Children's Radiothon, and has been for many years.  The first year we did this event was when we went to take Ken's place as he had a conflict.  In those days the Radiothon went for 24 hours including through the night.  There used to be a show that aired at night for truckers, and they all had big hearts and made big donations.  Good times, but oh so tiring.  After that first year we just kept on keeping on and have been going and answering phones ever since!

 This is a picture of me, Robin and Jeff at our phone stations, with the Radiothon banner conveniently placed behind us.  The Heuers, and our common friends the Moes started coming with us to answer phones, fifteen years ago.  Jeff has always been a big fan of the Movie Show on Friday afternoons.  He once made a large donation to the Radiothon in exchange for a chance to sit in on the production of a Movie Show. At the time Doug Wright referred to him as 'the wacko who would pay money to be on the movie show'.  It stuck and to Doug, Jeff will always be the wacko, Robin is even referred to as Mrs. Wacko sometimes.
And this is a picture of me with Brook Walker the hostess of KSL TV's Studio Five which airs weekdays at 11:00 A.M..  I wanted this picture because my friend Jennifer has been featured on her show twice, and I wanted to be able to show Jennifer that I had met her.  Brook is very nice and personable, by the way, but if you watch the show you already know that. 
 At the luncheon I attended earlier this week, we were talking about  KSL's Studio Five and the consensus of the group (who are all more extensive TV viewers than I am) was that it is the ONLY local TV magazine show worth watching.  Guess I will need to expand my TV experience soon!!

Jeff wore an old Movie Show shirt, and brought along the first ever made 'movie show shirt'.  (I did mention that he is a huge movie show fan, right?)  This picture is actually off KSL's website.

And last, but not least, in another picture from KSL website story about the Radiothon, Scott and I chat in the background while waiting for our phones to ring, as Brook Walker interviews a young Primary Children's patient along with some of her family members.  These kids are the real reason we do this, the entire event is almost heart rending.  The bright side, of course, is all of the good people who are willing to donate to such an amazing cause.  The best part of the radiothon is that every dime that is donated goes to charity care at the hospital, all administrative cost are absorbed or donated by those who host the event!! I just feels good to be a part of that. 


  1. Paula,

    It is so great that you do this event, and a fun thing to do with your husband. How fun to meet Brooke. She is really nice. Love your hat you look cute as always.

  2. How wonderful that you were there! Needless to say PCMC has a tender place in our hearts. Can we still donate to the radiothon - I was always in the car while listening and then forgot to call (oops!). . . I sure would have called while you were there had I known :) Bless your hearts to donate your time!

  3. Thanks Jenn, it IS a great hat .... I bought it on very good advice from an artsy friend of mine!! :-) And Cathy, I forgot about your tie to the hospital. Its amazing the good things they do and the kind and careful way they do it!! I will be sure to remind you next year! As I said it is the best cause ever. BTW We also do a tree for Festival of Trees to benefit Primary's, so maybe we should all go to that!!

  4. I wanna go next time to take calls!