Saturday, March 5, 2011

Too Many Cooks May Spoil the Broth, but when it comes to Cupcakes ...

Well, we have all heard it said that too many cooks spoil the broth, but when it comes to cupcakes, this is evidently not true.  This month our "We Can" Service group proved this point. Below is a picture of  me, Ardis and Carolyn making batch after batch after batch of cupcakes at Kathy Tervort's home!!
The We Can organization was formed by a group of women in Elk Ridge, Utah.  Each month they get together and do something that will benefit others in their extended community.  Some of the projects they have done include collecting coats and wraps for the Homeless shelter.  They have produced newborn kits and school kits for third world countries, they made valentines for people in the hospital, they have decorated and donated a tree to The Festival of Trees for several years, this festival benefits Children at the Primary Children's hospital.  They have stuffed Christmas stockings for deployed soldiers, and have collected white shirts for Mormon Missionaries from serving from Third World Countries. 

Fortunately for me, several of these great women are also members of the book club to which I have belonged for more than 10 years. (Check out the website of 'The Waldon Ladies Book Club' if you would like to know more about us. ) These dear ladies have been generous enough to include me in their good works organization, and I am loving it, after participating for just a few months.  (My introduction occurred when they needed someone with a large van to transport their tree to Salt Lake for the Festival of Trees ... yeah 'Big Van'!!)
This month we made cupcakes and individual cheese cakes for the wedding reception of one of the members.  After spending a couple of hours making goodies we shared a pot luck luncheon at a second members home.  Everything was homemade and delicious.  These are great ladies, and I feel privileged to get to know them.  If you are interested in other projects that they have done in the past, feel free to check out their blog!


  1. Way to go Paula. Looks like you guys had fun! I made 24 cupcakes this weekend, real ones, and gave them all away to the neighbors! I just felt like baking for a change...weird eh! xo

  2. Guess it was just a cupcake kind of week .... I also went to a baby shower, which I may blog about later, for my nephew Erik and his adorable wife,Cori, who own a mobil cupcake business ( Salt Lake .... Of course we got to taste test his yummy cupcakes, lucky us! (and lucky for me it was my March Sugar Day!!)