Monday, March 28, 2011

All Austen All the Time!!

Yep, its turning into a bonafide Austen week!! (Thursday to Thursday anyway)  It started last Thursday night at book club when I mentioned that this year is the 200th anniversary of the publishing of Jane Austen's first book, Sense and Sensibility.  The other ladies then decided to move some books around and slide it into our reading list for the year!!  Yeah, happy me!!
Then on Friday night we attended the performance of Pride and Prejudice at a Lone Peak, a local high school.  Good friends of ours have kids that attend there and some how 'just knew' I would be interested in seeing the play.  It was an original musical and was the 'world premiere' written  by Laura Bedore and Kathy Skidmore.  Above I am shown with two of the Bennett sisters.[

Here I am with the young woman who played Aunt Catherine, she did an amazing job, and I told her it was nice to be in a picture with someone who has more wrinkles than I do!! :-)The play probably had a few more songs, than it needed, in my opinion, but the dialogue was tight, and managed to keep all the best bits.  The authors combined events and added dialogue to scenes in a manner that was pretty seamless, as in others, who don't know most of the dialogue by heart, would find that the plot flows nicely.  A job well done ladies!!

Here is my husband Scott, on the left, with our play going friends, Jeff, Robin, Ryan, Barb, Bettilou and Randy.  Barb and Randy's daughter Krista also came along, but disappeared as soon as the play was over. ... I did find her later though and the picture below is of Krista with Mr. Darcy!! Luckeeee!

My favorite quote from an article in the school Newspaper was by the young man who played Wickham, "It's going to be a really good show," said Christian Jolley  "It is going to be a classic!".   I am still laughing about that one. (Note made on December 19, 2011 - Evidently Christian was misquoted, and is also a great Austen fan, see his comment, the 3rd, below)
So now, for the rest of my Austen intense week.  On Saturday my husband decided to listen to the final half hour of Pride and Prejudice on his Ipod fed through the car radio after our date.  Today I am blogging about Austen, tomorrow I am going to see the Play Persuasion at BYU with my granddaughter Kim, my Friend Jennifer and her daughter Bronwyn.  Wednesday will be pretty much Austen Free, unless I find time during setting up for the Walter Larsen Antique show to start into my annual re-reading of Pride and Prejudice.  On Thursday I am attending my first meeting of the Utah Chapter of JASNA. (The Jane Austen Society of North America) ... we will be attending and discussing the play .... Persuasion!!  at BYU. 


  1. I'm a little bunmded that I was not invited to any of these things since I think I might be the only one of your daugthers to read p&p and own the six hour version. Anyway looks like your having a blast.

  2. I am a little bummed too, because I would have loved to have you come to the play with me on Thursday. I honestly thought about it and couldn't think of a soul who I thought would enjoy it ... Of course you are my very favorite Jane-ite!! Next time!

  3. Hi, I'm Christian Jolley who was quoted in the Daily Harold newspaper and mentioned in this blog. Just thought I should clarify the Journalist misquoted me; the actual quote was along the lines of "It's going to be a good show, and its exciting to be involved in a production based on such a classic!" When the article came out I was stunned that the Journalist wasn't very well versed in literature, Pride and Prejudice is already a classic, but apparently no one told her that! Likewise I was also a little frustrated that it made me sound uneducated and daft; these are two things I strive no to be.

    Carry on and thanks for your time. Sorry to intrude on your blog!