Wednesday, March 9, 2011

bABy sHoWeR pOweR or Welcoming Lovely Little Lily Larsen!!

It is Saturday, March 5th and its time to party!! This is my adorable niece Mindy, and she is hosting  the baby shower.  Her brother Erik's wife Cori is having a baby so we all got to celebrate at Mindy's cute new house.  Here she is all color coordinated with her bedroom, so I thought that was the perfect place to take her picture.  Thanks Mindy, everything was perfectly charming!!

Yep, here I am all festive in my black and white with a borrowed purse (Because it matched, why else?)ready to rumble!!
And here come some lovely cousins, along with their lovely mother, Aunt Jo, who have all come to help us celebrate!! (Jill, Mary, Jo, Kim)

Here we see Aunt Shirley (left) consorting with the Eggett side of the family.  Marva Eggett is my Sister-in-law Nina's sister-in-law (did you follow that?) Marva and I have been fellow thrift store shoppers for years and didn't know we were related until we ran into each other at Mindy's wedding shower, some 10 odd years ago. Shirley just had a new grandbaby herself  (for a total of 11 ... but I will catch up when Emily has her baby in September  .... ).  Her new grandbaby lives in California, and Shirley can't wait to meet her!!
This is Mindy again, with Natalie who is representing Aunt Dianne and Uncle Bruce's family.  On the far right is my daughter Becca!
Here we see Aunt Nina, with Aunt Jo's oldest daughter Kristin with her sister Mary.
And finally you get to meet the happy 'nearly parents' of the guest of honor.  Erik and Cori have been married just over a year, and live in a charming cottage on east - South Temple.  The baby is due in early April!  The Larsen's and Eggetts are all excited to help them get ready!!
This is the amazing spread that Mindy, Erik and Aunt Nina prepared for their guests.  Everything was absolutely yummy, I guess Nina has passed her wonderful cooking skills along to her children!!

Oh, and the cupcakes, you noticed the cupcakes!!  These are Erik's specialty, in fact he started his own cupcake company last year.  Take my word for it, they are delicious, and if you live in the Salt Lake area ... forget chasing the ice cream truck ... you can now chase the 'cupcake carriage'.  Technology has made that easy to do, you can just check out the website for 'Heaven Cupcake' and find out exactly where you can connect with the truck at any given time!!  Oh and they deliver too!!
And what post would be complete without pictures of cute kids.  This one is of my grandson Titan, who snuck in with his Mom, Becca.  He is pictured here with his Great Aunt Nina

This picture is of Mindy's two oldest daughters.  They gave me a tour of their great new house, and this is their very fun, loft bedroom!!

Well, that is that for our fabulously fun event with friends and family gathered to celebrate new life!!  We can't wait to see how adorable Lily will be.  And the last picture is of me with our Natalie!!


  1. Sounds like a fun gathering...and you had my attention at the mention of CUPCAKES! LOL! By the way Paula, I haven't seen you in anything but black and white for a very loooong time! xo

  2. Fun to see pictures from the shower Aunt Paula!