Sunday, March 13, 2011

Interesting Store Displays and Reinventing at Home!

So I made a quick trip to Idaho this week to spend some quality time with my daughter and her two adorable little boys.  While my daughter was at work and the boys were in school, I got to do what I always do when traveling, I checked out some of the local antique stores. 
Since another of my daughters just married a Texan, I found this funny little car with the long horn detail to be very appealing. 
This was an uglish door before someone upgraded it with a bit of artistry, I love it!!
When I got back from Idaho, it was back to work.  This display was put together by a fellow worker the previous week, I added a few details, but mostly fetched and carried as she created her 'vision'.  When I got back from Idaho she had tweaked it, with a couple of ideas she had seen in the new Flea Market Style Magazine.
This charming drawer full of fun and rose-y china was easy, as we already had the cute pink chippy chest of drawers in place.
But my favorite detail is the birdcage, which was also already in the display, it is now filled with pink luster and floral china cups and saucers. It is so eye catching.  Its fun to watch customers come in and look at the display and do a double take when they were the cage, of course this action is always followed by a smile.
Later this week I got to go to a sale at our local 'Hale Center Theater', as they do their yearly culling of their costumes.  Since the theater also rents costumes, through their affiliated costume shop, I got to enjoy the costumes they had on display when I attended the sale.  The costume in the back of this picture is for the Mad Hatter, a fun and fanciful costume, and since I dressed as the Mad Hatter for my Tea Party last year, I was particularly attracted to it.  There was also a wonderful Wicked Witch of the West costume and with my affinity for Elphaba I would have loved to have shared it with you as well, but black in the shadows doesn't make for a distinct picture, I am sorry to say.
Then yesterday I finally got to take a peek at a cute store a customer told me about over a year ago.  It is in my home town of Bountiful, Utah, and I thought it was fabulous.  I have always loved children's books, and related items.  This store is pretty much THE store I have always dreamed of owning.  It is just too charming.
The colors of the painted furniture pieces in the store just knock your socks off.  Some of them are even for sale.
Since I have a sister that loves whimsical giraffes, I had to include this leggy lady!
Of course children's book related stuffed animals, always put a smile on my face.
Now last of all, just so you won't think that all I do is work and shop, I have included a great 'reinvintage' idea that finally came together for me this week.  The 'scarfs' hanging in my kitchen windows are actually the diagonal halves of a 1950's table cloth that had colors and a motif that I loved.  My dear friend Cathy, who is also a dealer at Treasures Antiques in Springville, Utah where I work, gave me a very friendly deal on the tablecloth when I fell in love with it.  Even my husband thought it looked cheerful!!


  1. Paula, love the tablecloth in the window. . . very charming!

  2. Thanks for the giraffe, lol! Just darling. Love the kitchen window deal, too. ♥

  3. I love what you did with your windows! Beautiful!

  4. Great post Paula...very interesting and charming as always! Absolutely LOVING the giraffe and the tablecloth idea on your windows looks just adorable. You are so clever my friend! ~Stacy~ xo

  5. I saw your post at Tator Tots and Jello's Weekend Wrap Up 2011. I love the curtains made out of a table cloth. I have been wanting to replace the curtains in my kitchen. If I can find the right table cloth I am definately trying this. You will have to come over to Suppers, Youngans, & Thangs to see it cause you know I will post it! Thanks for the inspiration!