Sunday, March 20, 2011

Round Top for St. Patricks, or A Day Late and A Few Miles Short!

So since I never made it to Brimfield, Mass for their famous Flea Market, my new goal is to go to the amazing Flea Market in Round Top Texas ... I mean it IS closer and now I have relatives in Texas, right?
Sadly Roundtoft Dr. above the Capitol Building in Salt Lake City, Utah is probably as close as I will get
 this year, which accounts for  the 'few miles short' part.  

 As for being a day late, hitting this great estate sale high on the hill above the Capitol  actually happened the day after St. Patrick's day, but there was art work left by leprechauns AND the sale was being run by none other than .... 

"Saintly" Patrick of A-1 Estates, one of my favorite of the Estate Sale companies in the Salt Lake area.
As always attending estate sales regularly leads to a whole new group of friends.  Many of them are dealers with whom I have been in various malls, or with whom I have done antique shows.  Others are just good customers of the mall, or regular estate sale shoppers, and I often run into Tom who is the grandfather to some of my grandchildren.  Since this was the only estate sale held that day, there was a line of about 30 people when I arrived.  Fortunately my friend Cathy C. was already waiting and that gave us a chance to catch up for a half an hour while we waited for it to open!

So yes, it was not Round Top, but there were vintage and antique goodies to add to my collections and store stock, and best of all, there was great companionship, which is not too bad for being a day late and a few miles short, now is it?

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  1. Sounds fun Paula! That is my dream too, Round Top, Brimfield, Cali Rose Bowl Flea Market...I wonder if I will ever get there? Can you say...ROAD TRIP! Only one problem...who is going to pay for the skyrocketed gas?! That could be a problem... (*_*)