Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pretty in Pink - Back at Stacy's

Well folks, its time to revisit Stacy's office, since she has been busy doing a bit of 're-inventing' herself.  I stopped by to get some help adding bells and whistles to my blog.  Please note my list of favorite sites to the left.  Of course http://stacysshabbyshoppe is right on top!!
This charming over sized glitter plaque is a favorite of mine.  Stacy purchased it at Dear Lizzie, a charming boutique with antique accents in Highland, Utah.  Dear Lizzie's is a magical place and the owner is a customer of ours at Treasures Antiques in Springville, though she mainly buys display pieces these days.  Another dealer at the mall told me that she had purchased the grand piano 'shell' that was in our bone yard, and had made it into a startling Halloween display.  Very, very talented lady!!  If you have a chance check out her shop, you will NOT regret it!

So back to Stacy's office.  This fabulously shabby shelf contains all those little bits and pieces that remind Stacy of things that she loves.  Note the French influences and the rose embellished china pieces.  There is even a book on the making of the Marie Antoinette movie with Kirsten Dunst, which Stacy and I both adored! .  (Did I ever mention that I was once alone in a tiny room with Kirsten Dunst?)

Its fun to see how Stacy softens the presentation of office necessaries like her scale, with charming things like an overflowing vase of lush flowers which draw your eye away from the work elements.

Of course shelving full of stock for Stacy's online store are pretty easy on the eye.  If you see anything that charms your socks off take a look at Http:// and you could become its new owner!

...  of course being the vain little girl that I am I had to show you a close up of my name on my shelf, since I consign with Stacy.  And if you do not believe that I am a vain little girl just ask my sister Julia, whose 20 year old self once caught my 6 year old self staring into a mirror and said "You are so vain!" to which I reportedly replied, "I am NOT vain!" .... she later heard me ask my mother what vain meant. :-)

This shot is the best for showing the pretty pink color that Stacy chose for her soothing office.  If you would care to see more shots, you may go to Stacy's site and click on her blog, especially since I missed taking any pictures of her cool new wood floor altogether!!  Thanks for the tour Stacy, and especially thanks for sharing your finely honed computer expertise!!

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