Sunday, March 6, 2011

Steampunk, Fun Junque or Details from an Amazing Home

Excuse me while I take a few deep breaths before taking you on a  tour of my friend Marci's home.  When ever I go to her house, it literally takes my breath away!  Marci is an adorable and kind, but ruthless decorator!  She is always cutting edge, but she has taken some turns lately that have even surprised ME! 

But before we get into Marci's latest venture in decorating, lets take a look at the wonderful new cupboard that she acquired at the Acorn Show in Ogden, Utah, a few weeks ago.  (You may want to refresh your memory by traveling back a few weeks in my blog to the Acorn Show, there is even a picture of me with Marci!) This cupboard has the most amazing patina I have ever seen.  The white paint is fabulously (and naturally) alligatored, and stunning.  The cupboard also has great lines, carvings and an unusual tipped crown on top, "All the better to enjoy its stunning carvings from your position on the floor, my dear!"  The bonus is that it is now the 'pantry' for the chief cook and bottle washer at Marci's house, and is a functional and welcome addition. I love it when something that is so amazingly beautiful, is also functional!!

So now we get to the Steampunk part of this post.  Steampunk is, according to the April edition of Victorian Homes Magazine, "the blending of fashion, decor and machinery from an era where steam power was widely used .... with elements of science fiction and fantasy."  It would be easier to just say that Steampunk is fun.  In the picture above we see cash register flags posing as 'flowers' in this charming centerpiece.  Mixed elements such as faux pearls, old books and porcelain doorknobs are so unexpected that they grab your attention.

Clocks are probably the most often used element in Steampunk, whether in groupings enjoyed for their charming personalities, or when reduced to parts and pieces, as we see the clock face to the left in this picture.  The gears from old watches and clocks are often used in making Steampunk jewelry, which also falls into the category of altered art.  You will note more clocks included throughout the vignettes I have featured here.

Gathering elements that were once functional, many of them clad or trimmed with metal, or with metal moving parts makes for an interesting display.  In this picture we have a trophy, an old flute, a brownie camera, game pieces and, on a stack of old books, a brass multi lens tool that was probably part of an ophthalmologist's testing equipment at one time.

Steampunk is nothing if not whimsical which becomes obvious in this grouping.  Of course there is another couple of clocks, more 'pearls', and a mannequin hand which sports not only a rhinestone bracelet, but has a collection of mother-of-pearl buckles resting in its palm.  My favorite element of this particular vignette is the mask pin which has found a home on an antique carte de visite of a dapper gentleman.  The variety of textures not only makes it interesting, but is very pleasing to the eye, and allowing one's consciousness to wander about this quaint scene is somehow extremely calming.

In this picture we see a clock face which adds interest to a simple silk lamp shade.  The wide black satin ribbon tied around the shade, and the medallion like bow behind the clock face make it stand out and frame it in a way that makes it feel important, as if it were an award!

This old steam gage, coupled with a bouquet of dried white roses, does what all well thought out Steampunk design elements will do, they make you take a second look, and even a third!

And last of all, as we end our tour we will take note of Marci's use of space.  This display is on top of her kitchen cabinets.  The simple elements of white books and clocks find themselves married once more.  The lovely French style telephone with a design from the early 20th century fits in well, with clocks of a similar vintage.  The color scheme matches that of the rest of the house relying heavily on the contrast of black and cream with some brass accents.  The repeated use of items such as the clocks, pearls and books also brings continuity to this showplace, adding to the sense of peace one has throughout the home.  Of course the good and kind people who live here are the most important element involved in its calming atmosphere, so thank you Marci and Steve for sharing your wonderful home!

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  1. I'm not going to jump on the Steampunk band wagon any time soon that's for sure, but Marci makes anything look amazing! (*_*) Nice post Paula, very interesting...I guess I'll have to get on over to her place and check it out for myself! xo