Friday, October 18, 2013

Witches' Tea Party

 The table is set ...

 Shrouds are in place ... it must be time for witches to gather for tea!

The menu included such goodies as Newt Eyeballs and Deviled Spider Eggs ... Yum.
Of course English Scones with clotted cream, marmalade and lemon curd are always staples at every tea party!
... and thanks for Karen at Graphics Fairy for the cute witch silhouette at the top of the menu.

 And the hot water station for filling tea cups and hot chocolate mugs.

 Of course modern 'witches' are always creative, so crafting is the perfect activity to fill out the afternoon.

 ... here some of my witchy friends show off their creative successes!

I love the awesome eye makeup of these two creative friends ... and where DO you find green lipstick, exactly?

 I adored my friend RaLene's adorable ensemble ... note the green bird necklace?  So random and unexpected ....

 The small bird cage hanging from her belt and her piles of bracelets ...
Adorable ... right down to her toes!!

Its not hard to see why I get a kick out of my fun and creative friends ...  some girls just never out grow the need for tea parties ... right?! Thanks girls, you made the day amazing for me!


  1. OMGosh! You ladies (ahhhem witches) certainly know how to have a good time!! Looks like great fun!

  2. You always have the coolest tea parties!

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