Monday, October 21, 2013

Map Mania

 With the witches tea behind me, its time to dive in ... the Reclaimologists' Boutique is this Friday and Saturday ... Yikes!

So I spent the day Saturday working on projects ... mostly stuff that needed paint or a bit of tweaking.  To the left is a sewing stand, now painted and restyled with a map.

 The chair above was solid and already had great old paint, but the seat had split and the middle sections, unsupported, were hanging down ... new brackets on the bottom, and a little bit more in the red department ... and now its ready to go!

This child's chair need its joints glued and some new paint!
This old game box was just charming, and I loved the design, so it was flattened and slightly reconfigured to fit this great fat frame, that I had painted and distressed!

The map table above, was actually, well, a map table in a former life ... but when I got it the base was missing.  By switching out the attachment assembly (thanks dear) I was able to attach it to an old gumball stand ... isn't it awesome? (Oh and note the map interior on the box on the red chair.)

Last of all, is my favorite project.  It was a nicely made wood box, probably done by a wood working student in high school.  I painted it, distressed it, lined it with old maps from a nice old atlas and added the compass feature on the top, using a great graphic I found at my 'go to' place, Graphics Fairy.  Thanks again Karen! To find out how I appliqued it in place go to this blog post.
So if you are local, be sure to come by and see these, along with all the other goodies I am upcycling, or should I say reclaiming for the boutique.
Reclaimologists and Other Crafty Chicks Fall Boutique October 25, 10 to 8 and October 26, 9 to 6
at the old Food for less building just off the freeway at the Spanish Fork Highway 6 exit ... or if you prefer to use your GPS  its at 784 E Chappel Drive in Spanish Fork.
Please stop by my booth and introduce yourself and mention this blog post ... and I will have a goodie for you!!

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  1. Great ideas - and I'm a total sucker for MAPS anything!!! We have them all over the house, including a pull-down set of world history maps, a whole kitchen wall with a world map, and various and sundry other maps here and there. :-) These are great!