Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Friends

Tonight I had intended to show you my booth set at the Reclaimologist show in Spanish Fork ... but my phone died ... Nope, it didn't run out of battery, it died ... as in I need a new phone. 
So instead, I am going to show you bits and pieces of my friends Halloween décor.  Above are Andrea and Ann's Jacks on a Stick, that they finished up after leaving my witch party, and therefore sent me pictures!
This fun candy corn wall hanging/quilt, was done by my friend Ginny, its companion quilt picture, unfortunately, is still on my dead phone.

 My friend LaVern made this spell book, I thought it was charming.

 My Friend Lynn made the adorable large quilt/wall hanging above ... and my friend Terry made the smaller, but equally adorable, one to the right!

 The rest of the pictures are of Terry's fun and unique vintage and repro Halloween collection!!

Good bye now, I have dug out my real camera, and will have pictures of the Reclaimologist show on Monday!! I expect it will be amazing.  Thanks for coming along.

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