Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Little Witches' Party

 So, you may recall, that two weeks ago I had a Witches' Tea ...  I invited friends mostly, and my DIL, because she is also my flea.o.logy business partner and knows a lot of the antiquing ladies I invited.
However ... her precocious 6 year didn't understand why any of  that should preclude her own inclusion.  
So her wise mother suggested that she should have her own witch party and invite me ... sort of like that wise old saying my mother used to share with me ...
"He drew a circle and drew me out, but I had the wit to win, I drew a circle and drew him in."
Eva spent hours and hours making invitations for the two sisters down the street she likes to play with and ... well. ... one for me.
She also spent days making and putting together decorations, like the charming witch above!  Which witch I love ... (Maybe she will sell it to me!)

 Nellie had lots of great ideas ... some that were better done than like ideas I've seen on Pinterest.
Eleanor loved the creepy oreo spiders with green licorice legs!

Then we played a Halloween version of 'Don't Eat Pete' and pin the wart on the witch's nose ... the board was drawn and colored by my son Trevor and Eva. I made two kinds of warts :-)

 Big brother Scott shows off the pumpkin poop packages that the cute little blond neighbor witches brought to share.

... and this is me with my oldest son, father to Scott, Eva and Eleanor and husband to the amazingly talented Nellie.
"Goodbye everyone and have a spooky Halloween." say Eleanor!

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