Monday, November 4, 2013

Grand Children's Halloween Dinner

... and what can be more fun that eating spooky food the day before Halloween?  That's what my dear husband and I thought when we hatched a plan to have our grandchildren over for an All Hallow's Eve Eve dinner party.

Above is the menu, with graphics thanks to Karen at Graphics Fairy.

Dragon Scales with Snake Sauce (Trader Joe's Mini Ravioli in Alfredo with a touch of green)

Ghoulish pumpkin's dinner rerun (Good old spaghetti)

Witch's Head Under Glass

Wicked Witch of the West Fingers ... not to be confused with lady fingers, of course.

Vampire's Delight is just a one layer cake from Macey's our local grocery store.

 Festive paper products, and a copy of the menu tucked into the drinking glasses for each ghoulish goblin completed the table.

My 11 and 12 year old grandsons were a lot of help in finding the clues in the Treasures Hunt, which the kids all loved.  They also carved their own pumpkins and helped with those of younger cousins ...

In all we had a clown, a wolf, a spaceman, a fireman, a cowboy a mermaid and a alien ...  Gotta love the alien, 12 year old Ian made the costume himself, and he is always super creative.  We loved having them all come, and hope to make this a yearly event, after all the three three year olds will be four next year!!

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  1. Oh My - What fun!! You've given your grandchildren such a wonderful memory! They will always remember you as such fun grandparents!