Friday, November 15, 2013

Flea.o.logy Flea Bits for Vintage Crafting

Have I mentioned my bits project lately?

When I was in California flea marketing last year, some friends and I discovered an altered artist's paradise at a store named Zinnia's. You may have read my blog post about it.

Since then I have been adding lots of jars of fun smalls that I have run across to my craft room at home.

Lots of fun goodies that come in handy for projects ...
Now I have taken them, and more into Treasures Antiques where I work and sell.   I have dedicated a booth to the venture and it has been very well received.

Today I named the venture and made a sign for it, complete with a funky steam punkish pointing finger that I found at my go to place, Graphics Fairy!

Here are more pictures of the kind of goodies I have gathered for crafters and artists of all kinds.

I have loved putting it all together at the Antique Mall,  but finding little bits of goodness Is definitely the most fun.


  1. How fun, Paula! I actually bought some of those curly bits of rusty wire for some wood punkins I made for Thanksgiving. I sure wish I had seen your hardware odds and ends when I was making my pot lid punkins for the porch. Now I have a go-to place for bits and dabs! =D

  2. Thanks Shirley, you are awesome, I always love when you come into the shop! Hope to run into you at fleattitude this weekend. :-)