Thursday, November 21, 2013

Artsy Weekend Retreat Advent Calendar+

Ah the joys, of holiday crafting that is... And joyful it was at the Artsy Weekend I attended last weekend.  You already got to see the 30 days of thanks flip cards I made, but this project was sponsored by the group and was taught by Dru...

This is the red and green sample advent calendar.

This is the  gold sample.

And here are just some of the goodies we got to choose from to make it happen!

Other crafters were keeping busy too!
This is Laurie, she sat across the table and shared her cute ideas and materials with me.  She is a native Texan, so it was fun to visit about the joys of Texas, since my daughter Emily and two of my grandbabies have been living there the last couple of months .

New friends are always fun, and these are some seriously talented and amazing ladies.

Here is my completed version ... It wasn't until I was completely done that I noticed that the middle bottom card's green was off ... Just one of those things that can really bug you.  So I tore it apart, and used papers I had at home ... Though I didn't really have a graphic that went with the rest of the materials ...

.... Alas Graphics Fairy saves the day ... I was able to find this great 50's Santa that matched the mood of the other art I had chosen at the retreat and voila ... It fits the style and color scheme perfectly.
This is another favorite card ...

... And the blank hanger framework ...

Now filled with all the cards, including Mr Santa, right there in the middle.

Thanks again to all the girls who made this project so much fun!

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  1. What a fun the hangar idea on which to clip the advent cards! Beautiful!