Thursday, November 21, 2013

Art Retreat Time ... Again!

Another week and another art retreat, how lucky am I?

The class was taught by the founders of Hazel and Ruby, shown to the left.  Their amazing stencils are reusable and work on the opposite principle that regular stenciling does.

Your first coat of paint or deco paged paper is what your letters will be, then removable, reusable stencils are place on top of ...then you paint on your background over the letters.  While paint is still wet, letters re removed and cleaned for future use. Another coat of decoupage, we used Modpodge, finishes it off.
Here we see Reclaimilogists Jody and Mandy at work. 

Christine of Utah Vintage Yardsale, a popular local FB site, shows off her art work 
Kelli, of Smelli Kelli on Etsy, will have to redo her fun design, as she used glass for the base, which causedn the second layer of paint to separate ... Ah, we live and learn.

I loved the use of the bird in Christine's daughter's design.

Mandy and Shannon of Renclaimilogists and Other Crafty Chicks, show off their finished projects. 

... And here I am with all those that sponsored the evening ... April James, far right, of April James Interiors at 747 N Main in Spanish Fork, provided the class room space and milk paints we used.  She also sells chalk paint and finished reclaimed furniture, you should stop by and check it out!

.... And last of all, my finished work.  Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. I love this technique! My DIL made me a cute Santa pic last year using it. But I have to say...I love your design the most of the group! The sheet music was the perfect touch. Don't you use sheet music paper chains in your decor sometimes? I love the look.

    1. Thanks Shirley you are always so nice. I haven't made sheet music chains but what a good idea, I may need to that on my home style tree this year.