Monday, April 15, 2013

Classic Food Labeling for a Wedding Shower

Good morning!  Whoa, I love a laid back Monday after a crazy weekend! 
  I wanted to share a fun event I co hosted this past weekend. 
After I had procured the breads, spreads and cheeses for the wedding shower that my daughter Becca and I were to host .... I made up these pages of food labels with one of my favorite graphics from Graphics Fairy, of course, where else? 

Next it was off to my daughter Becca's place to set up for the shower.  The room just seemed right to use a red and white color scheme.

Becca made up the veggie tray, isn't it beautiful?

All of the artisan breads, spreads and cheese came from our new (HURRAH)  Trader Joe's in Salt Lake City !! ... a long awaited treat for us all!

Becca also designed, along with her artistic husband Brady, the chic water bottles.

Now you can see the banner, that I made last week, in place, celebrating the up coming wedding of my son Spencer to the beauty on the right, her name is Brittney.  The beauty on the left is my daughter and co host Becca, thanks for all your work, and great ideas, Beckster ... Love you both!!


  1. What a beautiful shower, and so very creative!

  2. Great ideas, Paula! Sometimes I think you should write a book! I'd buy it in a heartbeat! =D

    1. Shirley, you always say just the nicest thing ... thank you!

  3. Love the banner and both girls are dolls Paula! Oh girl, I love bread and gourmet cheese. I have yet to make it to Trader Joe's. Gotta go, gotta go! lol! Love the birdie labels. Thanks for sharing at SYC.