Friday, April 12, 2013

Pennant Banner Wonderland!

So, have you ever felt like a dog chasing its tail?  That is sort of what this week has been like...  I am co hosting a bridal shower on Saturday, and took the makings of this banner to work today to get it ready for the shower.

My new daughter-in-law to  be, Brittney, has asked me to make banners like these for their reception in a few weeks.  I love making them, so I thought I might as well get started.  This way I can use this one, with their names linked together, at the shower and later at their reception!!  Can I say how much I love that Brittney loves pennant banners too!!  Nope don't think words can express the emotion!! Thanks Brit.

Her colors are quite muted, with a lovely dove gray holding the main spot.  Touches of pale pink and blue will also be on the pallet.  To achieve this scheme, I used old printed material, including handwriting, music and even some kanji characters.  The lovely love bird medallion was a find of Graphics Fairy.  I have used it before and love the look.  I stamped the letters inside each medallion for the finished look.
 Various laces, punched and cut trims form the border.  I used cute little silver clips to attach each pennant to the garland.  I figure that I will make all the pennants the same size and with the same varied materials, then after the wedding I will have tons of lettered pennants, and unlimited potential for putting together future decorative banners!!  Yeah!!

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