Friday, May 9, 2014

Castle Mural and More!

 What a fun day ... spent 7 hours at an elementary school in a neighboring town yesterday, painting murals in their library.

 My daughter is in Real Estate, and her group, Keller Williams, sponsors a service day every year ... Becca asked if I would come and help if she signed on to take a part of the projects...

Always the supportive mom, I agreed ... the pillars above, done by another group, sport faux stone wall paper, we tried to match by sponge stamping stones ... then in three arched 'windows' we added scenes... after I drew in the castle, shown at the left ...
 I noticed what a great job David had done painting the dragon, after volunteering to take on the task, and then using a tiny drawing I had found on line ... he worked his magic.  I could tell his skill level exceeded mine, and asked him to finish the castle scene as well.

 He is shown above at work on the castle.

It was fun to see the kids peaking through the side windows by the exit to watch us at work ...

The kid quote of the day was the kid who said "Why are they painting spots, like on a zebra?" ... We're pretty sure he meant giraffe.
 Another group liked our stone wall so well that they drafted my daughter Becca and her mother-in-law to add some stone work to the end of their entrance hall.

 Here are some of the murals done by other groups ... there were a total of 75 people in all working on the library.

 Loves this cute gargoyle ...

And this is the crew, David, Becca, me, Lori and Adam.  What a great day we all had, thanks Becca for including me in the fun!!

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  1. That looks like so much fun! What a great way to spend the day!