Monday, May 5, 2014

Chintzware Makes Me Happy!

 With the flea.o.logy flea market coming up this weekend, I knew it was time to tuck away my Easter goodies, and redo my dining room mantel.  I've had several flea.o.logy dealers ask for a tour of the house during the up coming flea market that is held here on my property ... and really, Easter decor in May ... is well ... embarrassing.

You see, I've been collecting chintzware again, and its seems about to burst the tiny cabinet I have been keeping it in, so I thought I would give it an airing.

Chintzware is always so cheerful ... in fact, though it was introduced in the late 1920's it really took off in the 1930's ... I think everyone was just feeling dragged down by the depression, and needed something to make them smile.

Of course early chintz was inexpensive and was made for every day ... it was only later in the 50's and 60's that it became very fine and expensive.

Chintz is one of those things I keep collecting, then selling and starting over again. I love it! Its so Pollyanna, don't you think?

 This time my goal is to have enough chintzware to host an all chintz tea party ... I am up to five cups and saucers at the moment, so its going to be a while, especially since I am always very particular about price.
My friend Dorothy has a lovely collection of Chintzware, some of it she purchased from me, during my waning phases ... Check out my blog post about her collection.


  1. You've got a great collection there Paula! I sold off all of my chintzware several years ago. It sure is pretty though. I love your stash!!

  2. That's funny Stacy, I think I bought some of your collection back then ... of course its since been sold again ... and well I am continuing the cycle, I guess.