Sunday, May 18, 2014

Post Card Party for Mom, The Perfect Gift

So ... in the midst of my flea.o.logy flea market last week, my husband brought in the mail and handed me a post card ... it was an antique postcard from an old neighbor.  Shauna is awesome, and one of the most organized people I know, but probably the last person I know that I would think of as sentimental ... and the sweet vintage post card with birthday greetings for my 60th birthday was definitely sentimental.

 Then I remembered that Mr. Pollyanna had asked me where to find the wedding address list  a few weeks before ...  and yes, he caved and told me that 'more cards like that will be coming.'

 My clever daughter-in-law Nell, who is also my flea.o.logy business partner, had thought up a great idea for a party by mail! Something special for my 60th!
Nell had shared her brilliant idea with Brittany, my oldest daughter who lives in Idaho. Brittany got on line and found a lot of antique post cards on Ebay ... then she wrote a letter explaining the Post Card Party to my friends and family members. She and my daughter Emily, in Texas mailed the pre-addressed, pre-stamped post cards to my friends and family ...
Then lots of lots of fun postcards started arriving every day ... it was so fun to read the birthday greatings and to be reminded of fun memories.  I loved it.  I have run to the mailbox for years!  
Then, when I met my kids for lunch to celebrate my birthday I was presented with this adorable box that Nell had made to hold the cards ... now I have a birthday party in a box!  I love it.  Its made my birthday celebration last for a week!!  Thanks to my wonderful kids, they are all amazing! 


  1. Oh my gosh, what a fun idea! I love vintage postcards. Happy Belated 'big 60'! I will be 61 in July. I am so bummed that I didn't know it was your fleaology. What should I do so I don't miss the next one? Do you have an e-mail list?

    1. Hi Jann, sorry you missed coming, its always so much fun. The next sale is July 12, and the last for the year is August 30. We have a blog you can sign on to follow at Thanks for the birthday wishes, and its nice to know that someone so young is older than me!! :-)

  2. are my hero. I know I keep gushing that over and over again. I hope you don't get tired of! You should write a book on how to live an interesting life. =D