Friday, May 2, 2014

White on White Antique Booth Display

 As I mentioned last week, I dedicated myself to moving one booth and dissembling another.  The net result is a total of four booths for me in the Treasures South Antique Mall, instead of five, but with tighter design in all.  This booth had become a catch all.  If it didn't fit the theme of my other booths, it came here.  The walls were accidentally a pinkish lavender, with a blue shelf and upper wall, that had been moved from another booth.  Really yucky, I guess I should have taken a before picture, but it was just so depressing.

 Thus I moved out all the odds and ends into other booths.  I'd sold off some furniture pieces which made holes in other booths, and then I moved the shelving from this booth that wasn't already white ... then all the pastel goodies went across the isle.

Long over due stuff went next door to my clearance booth ... manly things to my 'guy booth', etc.

With the booth devoid of smalls, all walls and the upper shelf were painted white, which dryed over night,  then it was moving day.

 Most of what you are seeing in the new white booth came directly from the old white booth ...

 I always love a fresh pallet, so from this point the move was fun.  I used white, cream, light brown (mainly in transferware, natural wood, and sepia tone antique photos), and with this move I added a few gold pops.

 Thanks for coming along to take a peak at my newest version of white on white ... my current decorating love!


  1. Oh my.... so much eye candy in one spot.. It looks Fabulous...... love love love.


    1. Thanks Cindy, it was super fun ... love it!

  2. Your booth is just gorgeous! Wish I lived closer so I could pop in!


  3. I always enjoy visiting your booths...yours are the best in the whole building...actually in both buildings. I believe that if some of the other vendors would merchandise their booths so that it's easier to see what they have, they would sell more. Sometimes I can't focus for all the noisy hub!

  4. I love the clean fresh feel of the white on white Paula! I see a few things that I love. Heading to Lake Powell, but I can see that I need to make a trip down and see it up close and personal. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.