Thursday, May 22, 2014

Easy Paper Summer Wreath

 Spring, for all intents and purposes, is over ... forget what the calendar says.  The spring wreath on my front door looks tires, and I wanted something fun and crisp ...

After a trip through summer wreaths on Pinterest, I found one that inspired me.

To the left is the wreath I made ... near the bottom of my post is the one I found on Pinterest, with a link to the maker's page.
 I had a wire wreath form on hand, so though my inspiration wreath appears to have been made on a round Styrofoam wreath, this is the direction I went.  I used two sided card stock, that came in a package that was left over from another project.

I used hot glue to spot glue the paper ribbons onto the wreath form, front and back.

I added scalloped medallions in some of the same papers as the 'ribbons' around the center of the wreath!

 I folded the ribbons off center, so that the reverse side of the paper would show as well.  I think it gives each 'ribbon' that 'blue ribbon from the fair' look!

This is my inspiration wreath ... you can find it at Happy Scraps.

This pictures shows how one can be inspired by an idea, but still make it their own.  Thanks Happy Scraps for a great idea!!

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