Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Amazing Vintage Sale By Jenn of 3Dotters!

On Memorial Day, Jenn of 3dotters Vintage Rentals sold all her wonderful rental items, to help simplify her life, so she can spend more time with her family on their projects.  Above is part of my personal stash found as she opened up her storage units to the public!

Jenn is busy doing more things than anyone I know.  She is heavily involved with all things 'arts' as are her children, and something needed to go!  Lucky for us all, we were invited to help her divest herself of awesome goodies!

Above is the line that was in place most of the morning ... And it was fun to see so many friends, flea.o.logy, and Treasures Antiques associates, and Reclaimologists with their vintage scores!

To the left is Dru!

Above are Laurie from Treasures Antiques, with our common friend Patti!

To the right are Bruce, formerly of Treasures Antiques and his wife, Vicky, down from Wyoming for the weekend!

To the left is my adorable daughter-in-law, and  fellow flea.o.logost, Nell!

 This is Rosemarie from Treasures!

Above is Jennine, one of my awesome flea.o.logy dealers!
Stephanie, above, is a dealer at Treasures, who did flea.o.logy for the first time in May!
This cute gal was wearing a vintage dress she found at Maeberry Vintage, in Salt Lake! Now she can wash it by hand and hang it to dry on the period drying rack she found.

Jennine, and fellow flea.o.logy dealer Mike, haul out vintage goodies.  Mike helped me load two huge buffets that wanted to come home with me, what a good guy!

I thought these kids were a great support to their Moms who were busy shopping the good old stuff!
... And this dutiful husband helped hold the treasures his wife was gathering.

What a great sale, and reunion for Jenn.  She seemed to know everyone in line, and was giving out joy filled hugs along with change.  Thanks Jenn, for a wonderful morning, and good luck in all your amazing ventures!


  1. I was going to go, but decided to stay home and not spent any money. That looks like a big mistake! Haha! Adore that pink table!!!, and of course I missed seeing Bruce...again! Sheesh!

  2. Ha! Was just catching up on your blog and saw my face. You're so sweet and it's always fun to see you.