Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Farm Girls and Me!

 I'd like to introduce my walking partners ... LaVern used to live in my small town of Payson, then she moved 15 minutes away to the smaller town of Genola ...

We used to walk together every day, when we  both lived in Payson, but after a few years of seeing each other only rarely, I called and asked if she would like to walk once a week.

Thus, every Monday I drive to Genola where we walk three miles through some of the prettiest farm land you'd ever hope to see.  Please note that we are standing here at the intersection of Main and Center street...

LaVern is shown above with a lamb she is bottle feeding ... she was given several lambs, third and fourth lambs, whose mothers can only feed two ... so the extra, smaller and sometimes weak lambs are, well, farmed out.
There are always lovely old flowers to be seen, like these vigorous lilacs.

 Meet LaVern's chickens ...  She also raises her own turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas ... and yep, she does that too, she is just amazing!
Ginny lived just a couple of blocks away, so we walk Tuesday through Thursday  ...  she used to live 'on the mountain', where she had lots of land for her amazing garden skills to mess with.  In retirement they have found a smaller house, in town ... she still makes the most of her land and grows her own plants in the spring ... She actually gave me the tomato plant she is holding, bless her cotton socks!

 ... and these are Ginny's chickens ... she calls them 'the girls'.

It is so fun to walk with these hard working farm girls, they are such a good influence on me ... this morning after seeing Ginny's garden and how noted how well her Sweet Woodruff  (A lovely ground cover) is doing ... I went home and weeded around my own Sweet Woodruff ... Ginny and I fell in love with it while doing a garden tour together in Salt Lake last year, and both planted some!  Mine is planted behind my Garden House ... in my "prettyish kind of little wilderness".
Here is the collage I made to honor my favorite farm girls on Instagram.  I love these girls and how they make me a better person, but just knowing them!

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