Thursday, May 29, 2014

First Monday Trade Days Canton Texas Flea Market Style !

Yahoo ... Just back to the hotel from out first day at First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas!  What a thrill!  Above is another dealer I met ... Take a look at her shopping cart!  Yep, everything IS bigger in Texas, just like they say it is!

Here is the sign!  welcome!

Loved this flower arrangement!

... And where else would you see such a collection of Texasware bowls ... I have to admit, I am falling in love with Texas!
There were some cute crafty dealers, as you can see, by the three chair bench and the sweet polka dot table.

... And junk, did I mention everything is bigger in Texas ... Well, this pile o junk proves it"

There were also classic antique dealers, like this purveyor of Shawnie ....

I also met dealers like me ... Loved this gals collections of smalls!

I was a little surprised by all the mart carts driving around ... This mom and kids were the cutest ... But lots of couples my age were driving them around, some with large wagons attached to carry their finds.

Then when it got almost to hot to breath, we sought out one of the big air conditioned buildings. This nice lady shared the 'cold spot' under one of the air conditioner with me!  Thanks Ann!

In this building I found the lace booth .... Whoa, I've known some textile dealers in my time, but nothing like this!
The dealer had these altered art clothing items on display to show what you can put together from old doilies and lace bits.  I thought they were amazing.  

... And here last of all is a sneak preview of my finds for the day ... This flow blue plate, and the majolica plate came out of the same bin, mixed with modern dishes ... I paid $5 for the two ... Can I just say now, I Love First Monday Trade Days!


  1. Oh my! As my 6 year old would say: it's like a wonderland!


  2. I would be so overwhelmed! I would also need a mall cart with a trailer!