Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Beginnings Celebration!

 One of my cute basement apartment dwellers, my daughter-in-law, Brit to be exact ...  just hosted our ward's New Beginnings ...  The Theme was Adventure Awaits ... with a bit  borrowed from the movie Up. 

Long time followers of my blog may recognize the pennants in the Adventure Awaits banner above ... I actually created the reusable pennants when Brit became my daughter-in-law last year.  They have come in handy many a time since. You can see the post of their wedding with the original use of the pennants here.
 My son and Brit, are real world travelers, just home from three weeks in Europe as a graduation trip for Brit who graduated from BYU recently. They also took a honey moon last year to do service for three months in Asia.  

So the world travel theme seems like a natural, as she works with and encourages the Young Women in our ward. (A congregation of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

 Using pages from an old atlas as place mats was another great idea!  I also love the floating clouds, another nod to UP!

 Brittney borrowed the stack of suit cases from my family room to act as the pedestal for the basket full of favors ... what a great event.  Brittney and the other sisters who work with the young women in our ward did a great job!

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