Monday, May 12, 2014

The flea.o.logy Flea Market supports Austism Treatment

 Wow, our first flea.o.logy of the summer is behind us, time to breath deep!!
 Just thought I would share a few fav photos from our big day before Mother's Day sale!
 Great custom junk arrows from Vicki
 Debbie moved into my Garden House with some awesome products ...
 and decor, like these vintage 1930's quilt squares turned pennants!  Clever Girl.
 I also fell in love with her felted animals....
 We welcomed Megan, from the Reclaimologist group, for the first time as a seller ... such amazing goodies.
 And Amy, also of the reclaimologist group, brought along her friend and her amazing burlap wreaths ... we saw people leaving with stacks and stacks of them.
 I was so thrilled to have my good friend Wendy with us for the first time in several years!!  Wendy just makes everything more fun! So glad she could come.

 Here we see Kelcee's booth ... Kelcee's mom used to do booths for our sales, and since she has passed away, we have loved having Kelcee come ... talent definitely runs in this family!!

 ... and here we are at my booth ... I brought a lot of clearance items from Treasures Antique mall ....
 as well as some odds and ends ... sold out of my army canisters ... you can see one of the customers who took one home further down the page!
 Several dealers, including talented Joanne, planted flowers in some unlikely 'planters', lots of fun, in fact I bought one for myself that Denise of Two Ol Crow's put together!
 Dru, who is also in our Reclaimologist group, had lots of fun and funky goodness ...
and she brings old fashioned candy too ... everyone love its ... look at this lady reaching in for 25c candy lip stick...

or this man ... traveling back to his childhood to stock up on candy cigarettes!  Dru is the best!

 We had a crowd, as always, though it was a bit on the cool side, we were just grateful it didn't rain on us!

 ... and here go the happy customers with their fun and funky finds!

 This man bought four junk art bird feeders from Stephanie, who is a fellow Treasures Dealer .... word on the street is that two were for father's day gifts and two were for mother's day gifts ... what a smart, smart man!!
 Here's one of my army canister's proud new owners!!
 Just thought I would show you some of the bird feeders in hanging position so you could see what an amazingly great job Stephanie does.

Of course its people that always make this sell the best ... my friend Kelli brought a few reinforcements to make the day even more fun!
.. and I get hugs from friends Patti, and LaVern!
 .... just four days before my 60th birthday, Steve, our art jewelry vendor, made and gave me these perfect earrings ... he said they were my gag gift and then gave me some amazing earrings made from antique Utah Tax tokens too .... but I have to say ... I Love These,and plan to wear them this year!! Steve you and your darling wife Joni are amazing!!
 Of course my family is always super supportive too.  This is my oldest son and my dear husband, showing off some of my items for sale ... Trevor's wife, who managed to evade the business end of my camera phone, is my very talented and creative partner in this fun and funky flea business!
 Kathy, who lives here in my small town, and who runs a catering and tea party business, was very helpful in posting our market on all the misc yard sale pages in northern Utah ... she also did the honors of taking away my peacock pitcher filled with feathers, one of the last vestiges of my Victorian Decorating days.

 Of course having my adorable grand children come and visit is always  just the frosting on the cake ... here is one year old Reagan, who you may recall from my Texas trip, as she checks out Angie of Amercan Homemaker along with her grandpa! Thanks for bringing the kids down Becca!
... Last of all, I would like to introduce Ginger and Tami.  Ginger is the mother of the cutest autistic child ever born ... she and her sister-in-law Tami came down to collect admission fees of 50c that added up to hundreds and hundreds of dollars to help with James' therapy costs ... they said they made enough to cover a week's worth.  It was fun to meet other mother's of autistic children who came out to support the cause, other's who had had success with the same AMA program that James uses.  Its amazing, and such a very good cause to support.

A special thanks to all of our customers who regularly come to support us, and who have willing chosen to drop a few quarters in a jar to support others in their times of need.  I so love the people I meet doing this flea market, they are all kind and creative ... the absolute best sort of people.  Thanks all!


  1. Awesome fun going through the flea market with all the neat objects.. So enjoyed the stroll...


  2. So sorry I missed it! I had rehearsal all day. That's awesome about collecting money for autisim. Really cool Paula!