Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Twelve Treasures in Twelve Hours at Canton

We spent two days at the flea market, eight hours on Thursday and another four hours on Friday ... So when I bought a dozen burlap bags, at the end of the twelfth hour, I thought it would be fun to use a Twelve Days type of format for my treasures found blog post.

One of the first things I was tempted by at Trade Days in Canton was this table ....I just wasn't sure I'd have room in my van for it...

Two original Texas cowboy paintings, were the perfect choice for number two!

.... And vintage folding measures are always good inventory ...

Old type trays are another good staple in my business, so these four were gathered to come along.

I also found five hats, but since one of them was a Texas theme baseball cap for Mr. P, it won't be seeing the inside of an antique store any time soon, but the others will be lovely additions.

I found six vintage crocheted edge pillow cases for my white booth, and after laundering, line drying and ironing they will make the journey to Treasures!

I found a total of 7 license plates and ....

Eight French wire window boxes .... Sorry no French Hens.

And in the end there were 9 chairs, including the four that went with the wire table found as item number one, which did fit in the van after all!  The one wood chair is an Irish pub chair .... How charming, just like my 3 year old Texan Grand daughter, who photo bombed this picture.

Another 10 faucet handles will supplement those I have for sale at the store.

.... And 11 bits of repro cast iron, will be great additions to the assortment I alreadyI have at the shop...

....and last of all the twelve large burlap stenciled bags to used for upholstery projects to come ... Of course there were lots more goodies that didn't fit the numbers, but added up to make this trip a grand success!  Now we have plans to make this an annual event ... Of course the side benefit is seeing our grand children while in Texas and that is just the frosting on the cake!

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