Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hoarder's Estate Sale, Best Junking Ever!

This past week, my friend Wendy and I went to the much and long touted Hoarder's sale in Sugar House.  This man died in his 80's but had sat at the Sugar House DI second hand store every day for the previous 40 years, bringing home his finds and packing them in boxes, which literally filled his 2,000 square foot house.  

 Others were there ready to rummage as well.
 The estate company had been working on the house for 6 month. The boxes were stacked 7 feet high in every room, with just walk ways in between.  He also had a full basement and several out buildings filled with stuff, as well as metal and stone stuff filling his back yard. The estate company hauled out 12 of the big long dumpsters full, and at least that much in loads to DI.  

 The estate company also had to rent storage units to get enough stuff out of the house to make room to display what was left.

 This is just one room of light fixtures and chandeliers.  The estate people said there were over 1,000 of these in the estate.
 There were lots of paintings, frames, drawings, framer photos, etc.

 There were hundreds of decorative iron pieces, some as small as those above, along with iron fence sections, and I saw at least a dozen iron beds.

 A few photos of the full yard and storage sheds.

 Shelves and shelves of pottery and nic nacks.

 at least 30 cookie jars
The sale will go for two weeks straight, with ten times more items than a normal estale sale .... plus every few days they will be adding more items from the storage units .... Yep I plan to go back again.  Just like our friend the hoarder, I find it addictive, do you?

If you are local, check out All In The Family sales on ... its in Sugar House just of 2100 south!


  1. What did you bring home? We will be expecting a post very soon! =D

  2. How did I not know about this? I guess I need to check the ksl ads. I just get e-mails from estates r us and that's the only ones I hit. Their prices are not always the best. Oh my gosh, is that a ton of stuff?

    1. I usually find them on I worl with a girl who works for All in the Family, though, and she told me about it. It's going until the 4 th if July and they will have new stuff added tomorrow. You should go. It's in Sugar House off 21st south, at the end of the street that is across from the big Snellgroves ice cream cone.