Friday, June 27, 2014

A Fairy Garden Terrarium, kind of.

 Today I would like to introduce you to my former tea cup fairy.  While visiting my sis in Maryland a million years ago,  I found the most charming broken tea cup at a garage sale ...  I loved it.  Sis took the tea cup in hand and told me she would fix it for me.  

A while after my eastern travels were complete, I got a package in the mail.  True to her word she had repaired the cup and saucer, but to my surprise and delight she had created this delightful fairy to dwell in it.  That was 24 years ago...

Today Mistress Fairy Princess of the Fair People,  got new digs!

 Long time followers may recall the day I created this wonderful miniature garden,  if not, you can see what it looked like before everything died, here.

The bonsai tree I'd brought back from the LA flower market while on a junking trip there, is now as dead as a proverbial door nail ...

I knew it was time to clean up the mess, but I also knew that killing a new batch of plants would be, well, just wrong.

There fore...
The bonsai tree got a paint job, and all the dead mosses and grass got replaced with preserved versions.

 You may note that I also repainted the table and chair set ... when they were dark green they matched the patio tiles, but they also disappeared into the green scenery.

 The Dr. Suessish tree was made from faux moss covered styrofoam forms I found at the dollar store ..  Add small branches from my yard and voila, cool, if unrealistic trees are born.
 So now the beautiful little demitasse tea cup stands along ... as my tea cup fairy has moved on ...
I think she will be much happier here, don't you?  Hey sis, she look lonely though, just sayin' .


  1. you've inspired me to get to work on my fairy garden. I bought a set of vintage Snow White and 7 Dwarves cake toppers from a blogging friend and I plan to use a yellow wooden soda pop box for the container. I will use some of the fluted tart tins I bought from your space at Treasures and make some of those Pinterest mushrooms that have been popping up. Thanks for the inspiration...I just love those trees...may have to steal that!

    1. Shirley, you are just the best ... I know yours will be adorable ... can't wait to see it!!!