Wednesday, June 4, 2014

HIstoric House Tour in Pleasant Grove!

At the last flea.o.logy, in May, I finally got to meet Debbie Reynolds.  I have heard of her on and off for years, as someone I 'should' know, but had never met.  She introduced herself to me and invited me to come and see her historic house.  When I saw that she was having a sale last weekend, I headed out to check out her great house.  Now you can come along and see it too.

Be sure to check out her grand children's names on the risers of her stairs that lead to her charming grandchildren's room in the attic, or should I say garret.  Its just charming, enjoy!


  1. I like it, but don't like it... too much to dust... too much to keep clean. As I get older ... I don't want to keep so much clean! I love the stair step idea though, and the bedroom is DARLING!

  2. I love Debbie's home! P.G. is my home town. Once a Viking, always a Viking! lol!