Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Laurie's Frenchy Decor!

 One of the very nicest things about being an antique dealer is meeting kindred spirits ... Laurie has been a long time customer at the mall, I have always liked her, and love the things she buys.  Isn't this just the prettiest dresser ever??!!
Laurie has even become a dealer at Treasures Antiques ...  Our common friend Patti has been telling me forever what a marvel Laurie's house is ... so I was head over heals when she invited me to lunch!!
Its so fun to see things she has bought from me over the years ...

 She bought this sweet doll at the flea.o.logy at Olson's Garden Shoppe in January.  She used to sit in my parlor ... its so fun to see her new home.

 She bought this sweet French kidney shaped desk from me last year.

 She bought this dresser as a rather mundane piece and gave it all this personality.  (Please ignore the lady in the mirror, oops).

 and this French typography table is another of her purchases from my booth!

 ... and the food was just as lovely as the decor ... thanks for the delightful lunch and conversation.  What a talented lady.

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  1. What a cool much eye candy! That pink and cream dresser is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Paula!