Saturday, April 4, 2015

Shopping Round Top Texas

Passed another junking milestone this week when I went to The Round Top fleamarket in Texas for the first time.  What an amazing sale, the size of which is almost incomprehensible.  My friend Joanne tried to prepare me for the long string of sales that cover much of the 6 miles into the town of Round Top, population 90 ....
The line iof cars going both ways into and out of town were a solid line of cars for 6 miles all day. 
I did get to see this amazing garden house along the long, slow way ...  And other quaint features, such as ' the smallest Catholic Church' in the world  and about a bazillion blue bonnets, the Texas state flower, growing wild along the road sides which was charming. 

Then we started seeing tents cities, flea market style and found parking. 
There were more and more 'markets' and 'antique sales'. 
Lots of them are charming.   Some are junky.  All of them are lots of fun!! 
This is the big market! 
In this building I ran into a couple of dealers who sell at the Acorn Show in Ogden.  

Lots of great displays.  
And Pyrex being sold along side antiques ...  Just like home! 

Loved these lights made from slotted buckets. 

Loved this cabinet with triangular shaped drawers.  A little spendy, but lovely. 

Cute jewelry display on a mannequin. 

So many different styles!!  And color combos too  
This great tin cupola wanted to come home with me .... But alas .... 
And how clever is this crown cut from metal barrel.   My DH said he didn't think I should get a cutting torch.  What's that about. 
I saw this two chair and table set.   Originally $250.  Marked down to a mere $200. But I had just bought a matching chair from an old crusty codger next door  for $10.  Score! 

Here isy cute hubs carrying my bargain chair!! 
I loved these tree round benchs. 

... And this awesome booth sign. 
And this booth had lots of vintage smalls for altered art.  
One of my favorite shop set ups was named 'clutter' and was full of vintage and antique dishes ... My phone was dead by then, so I didn't get pictures.   Maybe next time!! 

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