Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Two 'New' Blue Chairs

When we went to Texas to welcome our newest grand, her two older siblings got bumped from the kitchen table.  My daughter and her husband have seating for four at their kitchen table, and with Papa and Mimi in town, and one of the chairs for their table having been broken, they sat on their bathroom stools to make room for us, during meals. 
That's why, the next day while junking at the local Goodwill, I scooped up these fun midcentury knock offs.  (Pretty cute model eh?)
The finish just needed scrubbing, but I knew they'd be cuter if they matched the kitchen. 
So the chairs got a couple of coats of spray paint and now match the cute shabby dining set. 
I used the rest of the two cans of paint to paint the IKEA spice racks Emily wanted to use for children's' book storage.  ... And here's our cute model again checking out a book in the new reading corner! 

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