Saturday, April 11, 2015

Baby Abby Number Seventeen.

So I came to Texas to welcome a new grandchild to our family.  Number 17!
Here I am with my daughter Emily, after we'd been 'good lucked' with Cascarones at the Mexican Market!  How cute is her tummy!! 
Finally, after waiting and watching for more than a week we went to the hospital where she was checked in to be started, on the eve of her due date. 

I got to sit with her and watch the monitors, chatting and playing Trivia Crack for 9 hours. Until they upped the meds to bring on harder pains.  

That's when her husband came to support her for three more hours of the hard stuff!!

That's when Abigail came to join the family.  At first she was squinting one eye while looking around with her other eye, so we were calling her the baby pirate!! 
When she was a couple of hours old Papa (above) and Mi Mi (me) got to meet the sweet pea!! 
Here she is with her very happy MaMa.  
Today we went to the hospital and brought our girls home. 
I think Bekie and William approve .... 
At any rate they definitely approved of Mom's cool accommodations!   

And the big surprise for me is that they named her after me! I would never have guessed any one would, with such a funky name. 

Abigail Paula Talley.  Welcome baby! 

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