Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Home Again - Sugarhouse Salt Lake City!

 Last month I was in Salt Lake City to man phones for the Primary Children's KSL radiothon.  I'd taken a half day off work to do so, which left me time for junking in Salt Lake!!

I follow Willwoodworker on Instagram, and he is always posting great pictures of the Home Again stores.  I usually drive by this store on my way to one of my favorite second hand stores, but this time, with time to kill ...

 I stopped in at Home Again on 21st south in Sugarhouse, a suburb of SLC.

I was absolutely charmed by the gathering of vintage goods and refashioned furniture.

Everything from Victorian art to 15 year old fad pieces and kitsch glassware ...
 I found the colors dazzling, and loved all the pops of red though out the store.

 Wouldn't this be an amazing accent piece?

This wall with its naturally crumbling plaster and multi faded paint was amazing ... too bad one can't buy a cool old wall like that!!  If your local, be sure to take the time to discover the goodies at this amazing consignment store, you may fine a treasure like I did.

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