Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our Art Group is Mushrooming

Yep!  It was time for my art group meeting again!!  Can you tell what our theme was.  
There were 6 of us this time. 
Shirley brought this cute arrangement to show us how to use our tart tin mushrooms.  
These are the mushrooms we assembled under her watchful eye. 
Trina brought these sweet tiny jars that we filled with moss and mushrooms we made with sculpy.  What a fun necklace.
Margo brought items to make this cute 'shroom shadow box.
In the back ground of this photo is my sweet mushroom pillow we each made, Jann did all the machine stitching while we beaded the design, and stuffed the pillow forms.
Kimmy designed these mini terrariums.
I taught wool felting with these fun felted mushrooms.

We even ate mushrooms. These sausage stuffed mushroom were made by Jann  and I added mushrooms with olives to the caprese kabobs I brought for lunch. 

All in all it was a lovely day spent chatting with talented friends!  

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