Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Making a Rusty Screen Crown

Hi all, I thought I'd share my latest crafty!  My friend Kim from my art group sports this rusty crusty crown!  
I found a rusted screen at treasures .... 
I worked with the flat screen, I cut out a crown shape and used tacky glue to add seam binding along the top and bottom edges, folding half of the binding to each side to cover the wire ends. Then with more tacky glue I used tarnished German glass silver glitter to cover the seam binding on the front and back, and let it dry. 

At this point I formed the wire crown into the round. I over lapped the unseambound edges and ran wire in and out through the holes, like stitching, to secure it. Since I used wire I'd unfrayed off the screen it was almost invisible. 

Next I made small accordion folded rosettes from card stock and glued and glittered both sides of each. I used hot glue to glue the glittered rosettes to the points of the crown 
I used hot glue to add faux craft jewels to the rosettes. 
It did take a really lot of glitter...
But I loved how it turned out. 
If I make another I'll definitely make the points steeper so I can have 5. 
There are so many ways to display this light weight crown. Thanks for coming along. 

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  1. I missed this! The crown turned out fantastic! I may still make one of these one day.