Saturday, March 19, 2016

Art Group Spring Crafting!

We had art group again this week!  It was so fun crafting with such fun and talented girls!  Somehow crafting together seems to magnifies the crafting experience!!  

Kim, Joanne, Jann, Cathy, Shirley and Trina. I've linked the three girls with blogs 

It's fun to see how different our take is on this project.  Such a cute bunny! 
Loved the sweet daisy theme here! 
Jan's  glittered details on her tag was amazingly delicate! 
And how sweet is Trina's!  If there had been prizes for being fast, she'd have won. 
This red  'striped' handled masher was my favorite of course. 
And how perfect do the yellow chicks match on Shirley's masher!! 
This was our example masher, also Shirley's. 
And last of all is mine with the oversized nest. 
This 1920s doll that I dressed in rick rack  and crepe paper was my favorite detail.
Here's Kim's cute and elaborate masher.  We all laughed about the chicken in the tulle tutu. So cute! 
Our snack table became a beautiful luncheon buffet. 
Here's my potato masher at home. 
Jann's banner on her stove hood, which is luckily the perfect color! 
Trina's banner and masher mixed with sweet pastel plates and spring branches. 
Shirley's banner mixes perfectly with her doilies on this adorably festooned shelf. 
This is Joanne's banner and masher at home!  So much fun!! 
And how darling is Cathy's banner!! 

Such a delightful day!  Thanks girls. 

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