Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting Away to Play with the Girls!!

Last weekend I broke out of my comfort zone and attended my church's ladies' auxiliary retreat at the Girls Camp a half an hour up the canyon from our small town.
 Many of us worked on projects Friday afternoon, such as the quilt squares shown to the right, along with my friend Ginny's Featherweight Sewing machine.  These girls are serious perfectionists!!  The quilts they worked on were lovely!

Above I am shown with the President of the auxiliary who serves over 10 congregations, it was my first time to meet her, and there is just one word to describe her.  FUN!  We are shown in front of the KOHOLOWO sign, which is the name of our girls camp.

To the right are the fun and funky 'judges' who judged the random skits, we did in mixed groups with people we didn't know. I got to be the mother of 8 daughters and a son, holding a family home evening ... we didn't win, but we had some grown women who did an excellent job of acting childish!

Not everyone spent the night, but Jeanine, Myself, and Ginny were the die hards from our group.  We had a great time with lovely meals, the skits, craft time, in which I worked on my Smash Book, a lively discussion lead by our Stake President and a romantic comedy to help us wind down.

We even got a goodie bag to take home, filled with lots of high quality care products, a really nice bonus for a lovely event.  Thanks to all those who spent hours preparing and carrying out the plans for this lovely retreat which benefited 100s of ladies!!


  1. Looks like you had a great time. I've never heard of a featherweight sewing machine. I'll have to check into that. Mine are both beastly heavy. (or is that a brand?)

    1. Feather weights were made by Singer, up through the 60's. Quilters love them for straight stitch work and taking them to work shops because they are super sturdy and light weight. When we can get them, we sell them at the antique mall for $400 or more. My friend Ginny got hers on line for under 200 because the case was a replacement...