Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Booth Decor for Treasures Birthday Sale!! TODAY!!

As one of the dealers at the antique mall where I work, I kept busy helping to spiff up the store for our semi-annual birthday sale  this week ... confusing huh?
 Our first Treasures Antique Mall opened in May of 1998, the second building (also 11,000 sq ft) on the same property opened as an antique mall in the fall a few years later, thus the double birthday sales!!

This bathroom display is the brain child of another dealer at the mall.  All I did was move in the huge, 5 1/2 foot cast iron bathtub from the bone yard ... OK, that is something, I guess, and thanks to Keith and Sharon for helping me with the heavy work!!  Anyway, the bathroom display is a first for us, and I love how it turned out!  (I did get to tweak the towel hanging from the shelf  :-)

In the other building I actually put together this autumn display on my own, with a bit of help from Rosemarie moving the enormous primitive cupboard into it spot as star of the show!!

Anyone who knows me very well, is likely suspect of my claim of decorating this booth, but I really did, and I love how it turned out ... the antique orange rocker is the best though ... I am thinking it should go home with me and decorate my front porch for autumn, 'stay tuned' and you will see if I succumb or not.

If you live along the Wasatch Front, you probably want to make a trek to Treasures today ... (On the west frontage Road in Springville) we have a nice flea market out side with lots of incredible mark downs,  and discounts inside the stores and out. 
And remember, everything you see above is for sale!!
 Happy Birthday Treasures North !!


  1. Nothing's wrong with "temporarily" borrowing the orange chair...I would. =D Fun decor!

  2. We drove right by Treasures today on I 15! And we didn't stop! We just got back from St George where one of our daughters lives. Sorry we missed the sale. Mimi

    1. Ah yes, I know that last leg of the journey thing, where you would pretty much rather shoot your own foot than stop anywhere and delay getting home. Glad you had fun in St. George.

  3. Darn, wish I would have made it over here sooner. Missed the sale, but that won't stop me from coming by soon. Been in the mood for a day of treasure hunting. Love the orange chair. How cute it would be oyt on your porch! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.