Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seeing the Brighter Side of the Soggiest Flea.o.logy Ever!

Here is your promised tour of the soggiest flea.o.logy on record ...  Its amazing we all had such a great sales day and got to see most of our favorite customers.  In the pic to the right, I wanted to share my banner with which I gussied up the garden house where I had my booth.

There were lots of colorful collectibles for sale in the booths of the 35 dealers who came to sell.  About five dealers were scared off my the thunder bumpers.  I am sure they all spent a comfortable and dry day snuggled in at home. 
 Meanwhile I enjoyed seeing lots of amazing vintage goodness including this  nail sorter that Cathie found, isn't it an amazing display treasure!!

For the hardiest of the dealers we found ourselves covering and uncovering goods during a couple of short storms that drove away another couple of dealers The storm seemed to leave the die hards in sort of a giddy mood, and since our customers are mostly stalwart ... they slogged through some mud and found the treasures for which they came.

There were lots of dealers that had elements for crafting, like these keys, a few with vintage fabrics and still others with painted furniture and antique treasures.

Love these beaded wire letters, so charming, and windows are great for all kinds of displays.

We have enjoyed having more and more crafters joining us at flea.o.logy.  Jewelry crafters, shabby crafters (like the maker of the sweet box to the right) and even a lady who uses junk to assemble cool small robot sculptures and sci fi vehicles ... all wonderful and so inspiring!!  (Buying crafted pieces is how I reward my self for all my hard work selling at flea.o.logy!)

The variety of goods is almost astonishing ... and I love the friendly atmosphere of gathering with dealers who have been with us for 7 years, as well as those who signed on for their first show ever.

The dealer who set up the booth above came for her second time.  The back drop used by another jewelry crafter was not for sale.  Her mother, also a crafter at flea.o.logy had painted it for a local play house when they did The Scarlet Pimpernel years ago, one of my favorite stage adaptations, and I remember seeing this canvas backdrop and loving, so fun it came to visit my house!!  :-)

Of course our shoppers become friends and I love meeting new ones.  To the left I am shown with Pauline,  she is a blog follower, and saw the white magazine table in a post last week when I was getting ready for the sale.  It was so fun to see her first thing, as she came to claim her prize and introduce herself.

My adorable daughter Emily (who is making me a new grandbaby!!) and her mother-in-law, Sheila, from Texas came to do some browsing.  I loved it when Sheila said that my little flea reminds her of days spent at Canton's First Monday Trade days near her home in Dallas Texas ... no wonder I love this woman!!

Last of all I wanted to share a picture of my neighbor (also a blogger) and her daughter, dressed just right for the event in their Wellies ... and look who is wearing her wonderfully crafted crown, purchased from my fellow flea.o.logist Jenn!?!
You can tell, that we all managed to see a silver lining on those rain clouds, of course that lining is caused by the sun shining through.  We had a lovely, if damp, Saturday.  Thanks all!!

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful day rain and all! Lots of treasures in those photos.