Monday, September 3, 2012

Up Cycled Magic Lantern

I have had this charming little lantern for several years, but when it got knocked from a shelf, and one of the panels of glass broke, I didn't have the heart to throw it out.

Now I am so glad that I didn't.  I saw it on the shelf where its been sitting, since it was broken two years ago, and the thought of putting in a picture in the place of the broken panel hit me.  I found this charmer on Graphics Fairy, of course, and printed it off on regular printer paper.  I taped it around the edges inside the open frame.

The effect of the candle burning is the most effective, shown above, when the light is out, but to the right you can see it is still charming and mystical looking when the light is on.  Now I am thinking of finding a cool witch picture and redoing it for October.  What a spooky looking center piece for a  Halloween dinner eaten by candle light!!

But for now the lantern can come out of hiding and sit on my dresser, looking cute, even when its not lit.  Yep, just one more example of up cycling and saving our land fills!


  1. That is so cute!!! I can just see it with a witch or fortune teller photo inside for Halloween.

  2. It's darling! Missed out on another Fleaology! Bad weather plus had to work at Just A Bed of Roses by 11. I'll get there one day! I hope. Mimi

  3. OMG I love this so much. I would find something I love for everyday and switch photos during holidays. I'm going to have to buy one and break a pane just to put the photo in. Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting from Whimsically Homemade!

  4. Wow, that is a great idea. I love how it looks when lit up. thanks, Darlene

  5. very clever make-over Pollyanna. Thank you for sharing at Shabbilicious Friday.

  6. Very cute! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!