Friday, September 7, 2012

Halloween Decor - 2/10 - Decoupaging Graphics

So, this lady I work with brought in this wonderful load of Halloween crafts.  We work in an antique mall, and usually carry a few items with antique and vintage elements. 
 She had not heard of Graphics Fairy two months ago when the subject came up ... but she has now, and she has taken advantage of the treasure trove available there, as you can see.  Note that the 'Arsenic' label in the bottom left hand side of this picture is the same one I used on my 'Skulls in a Bell Jar'!  Such a versatile label, I also used it on my decorated Halloween Bottles last year.
This skull tray is my favorite, she decoupaged scrapbook paper for a back ground, after spraying an old tray black.  The skull, trimmed closely, and then decoupaged looks awesome, don't you  think?

The whole display is a lot of fun, and very festive, if you can think of Halloween as festive.  :-)  If you don't have time to make your own spooky decoupaged Halloween decor, just come on down to Treasures Antiques in Springville (Utah) and take home a tray or some funky Halloween bottles to help you get in the mood for the 'season'.

Oh, and these cat prims are adorable, not sure if she made them or purchased  them, but they are fun too.
So get crafting!!


  1. Very spooky! This is on my "list" to do for Halloween this year.

  2. I am definitely going to have to copycat some of these! I'm in total Halloween mode even though it's only the 7th. HA!


  3. I have been looking for Halloween items today on the net, so thanks so much for featuring these! So glad I dropped in!

  4. Super cute!!! Your stuff always looks fantastic. - Fleur

  5. Love this stuff! Super cute!

    - Sam

  6. What? How come I didn't know you are in Sprigville? I live in Alpine. I have been to the Mall a couple times. It is such a fun place! Love these vintage styled Halloween items. Graphics Fairy is such a great site. I have been wanting to head your way for a while. I will find you when I do sweetie! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.