Friday, March 1, 2013

Reinvented Bunny in a Basket!

So, anyone who has ever seen my craft room, knows that it is crammed with all kinds of bits and pieces of, well, who knows what.  The little basket below was a bright and brassy holder, that may have held a jam jar or candy dish once upon a time.  When I found it, it had potential, but for what?
With Easter coming early this year and a sunny, warmish kind of day today, I started thinking bunnies and chicks. 

... and after seeing this sweet spring picture at Graphics Fairy, I decided to recreate the scene in my basket.  After a light wash of pale pink paint,  a hand full of dyed sphagnum moss, and some  scattered mercury glass beads for color, I cut out the bunny and chicks I had printed on card stock, and placed them in their not so new home... and voila a whimsical reinvented basket!!


  1. Oh I love this project! So cute! You've inspired me!

  2. What a great bunny creation. Thanx for sharing. Tiffany

  3. Such romantic photos! And I love the bird house. I'm becoming rather fond of bird houses, as I suppose everyone else is. :-) Sweet bunny!

  4. Such a pretty display!