Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vine Street Antiques and Subway Art

Life's been crazy lately, have I mentioned that my DH and I are Landlords? In the last two weeks we have helped prepare a house for rent, an apartment for rent and a condo for rent (thank heavens for our kids!!)  Today I met with a realtor about selling a house ... phew!  Just glad I got to sneak out afterwards and do some serious junking!! 
I got to stop at my favorite antique mall in Salt Lake City, Vine Street Antiques.  This booth is fairly new and I have had a chance to watch it sort of develop.  Pretty charming, all in all.  The Subway art side table above uses Salt Lake City streets, including Vine Street for which this antique mall is named!!  I love it!!

I really like her industrial adaptations.  Isn't the pallet wall fun?  She really has a great eye,  the garland below is just the sweetest, simplest thing.

She has an unusual array of pillows too.  Some from table clothes, and others just fun and funky.  Love her industrial cart, just wish IT was for sale, but what a great display.

Of course its always fun to see how Marci has tweaked her Steam Punk booth, shown below.

She is just back from a buying trip and is going to be redoing her Frenchy booth, can't wait to get back to SLC and take some pictures of that to share.  She is such an incredible decorator!!

She also has some Subway art.  In this case its a sign, gotta love it .... though this one appears to be New York City Streets, though I am sure we have all those street in SLC, its just that none of them are famous here .... Isn't there a Hudson Street in Sugarhouse?

And if you are looking for the perfectly cool metal industrial bit for a project, Marci may just have what you are looking for!!
Thanks for coming along on my diversionary junking jaunt!!


  1. Lucky you! What a fun place to visit! Too bad it's about three days away from here.

    1. I just can't feel sorry for you, I KNOW how many more cool antique stores you all have than we do, and then there's the flea markets ... drool ... Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I have a question I am dying to know!! Where is the house in Historic Tour 2 with the gardens?? I have been looking everywhere for it and I have no idea where or what its historical name is. Can you help me please?

    1. Hi Kirsten, sorry I didn't answer before, but I honestly don't remember,and I am terrible with addresses. If you go to the city of Provo and find someone who has a list of the houses on the last home tour, which was done as part of the freedome festival, I can tell you the house was a block or two east of fifth west, and that it faces north, hope that helps. Good luck.

  3. Looks like I'm going to have to go have a look! Mimi