Monday, March 11, 2013

Easter Mantel with Easter Fairy!

Here she is, its the Easter Fairy ... never heard of the Easter Fairy?  Neither have I, but I never let reality effect my creativity, do you?  She came into being in a sort of backwards manner, because ...

 I've wanted to make this scalloped square pedestal ever since I found the nice little box with a scalloped lid.  The square candle stick base was going to be glittered, but the old dictionary pages seemed to be a better fit.

Of course the little girl was a find on Graphics Fairy.  She was part of a postcard in which she is emerging from an egg ... but since I just needed her head arms and upper torso, she was perfect.  I also used a butterfly and crown, I found of GF. The antique crocheted lace and crepe paper skirt completed her. Now she stands guard over the Easter mantel in my dining room.

As you can see the small garland I made to decorate my coffee filter wreath had to come inside ... the wind kept it in a snarled mess most of the time, oh well.  Now I just need a new way to decorate the white wreath on my front door ... suggestions?


  1. Tres Chic your is one of my favorite movies! Bravo on the stand as well!

  2. Love it..very vintage inspired and whimsical!

    Becky @ Vintage 541